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Look what the breeze blew in

At noon, I walked into the kitchen for a cup of coffee. A front was coming through and the winds were gusting to 30 or 35 mph. I glanced at the thistle feeder. This time of year, an occasional chickadee shows up, but the heavy traffic is at the feeders with millet, sunflower, and suet. Today, I couldn’t believe my eyes. The other feeders were empty. But at the thistle feeder were not one or two…not four…not six or eight … but nine … count ’em: NINE goldfinches!

I could hardly believe my eyes. All 4 perches were occupied. Goldfinches were hanging on the feeder cord, and dancing on the roof of the neighboring feeder. A couple were clinging to the awning frame above … all while the feeders swayed through a 5- to 10-degree arc in the quickening winds.

Everybody was in winter wear … no bright yellow plumage yet. And unlike the quarrelsome sparrows and nervous nuthatches, they seemed quite content to take turns feeding and to wait patiently nearby for their turn at the perch.

What a stellar day!