November 2011
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Look for the Leonardos

One of a leader’s primary jobs is to translate potential into performance. And while most leaders understand the concept, many have trouble translating it into action, not because they lack the skill but because they lack the mental mindset.

In my experience, the potential at the front lines is tremendous. Until leaders operate from a deep belief in the inherent greatness of their people, that potential stays latent. I’m not talking about encouraging people to work harder, faster, better. I’m talking about discovering and inviting into the workplace what brings meaning and fulfillment to their lives.


I’ve not written lately. I’ve been enchanted with this November autumn.


Brilliant colors …




bold and delicate shapes …



Back to body basics

Most of us, including my executive coaching clients, typically live in our minds. We try to think our way to creative answers for vexing and complex challenges. But we get our best ideas when we’re doing something physical: taking a shower, walking the dog, working out.

Now science is verifying that the best way to open the door on our creative juices is to drop into the world below our chins. The body can actually expand our creative thinking. Wray Herbert’s recent report on the connections between our physical and cognitive experiences describes how.