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In Our Right Mind … the book

In Our Right Mind invites you into the world I share with my coaching clients. While it was originally written for women in healthcare, it’s also a book for anyone who wants to create a collaborative, service-oriented work environment and a resilient and highly committed workforce. Don’t let the narrow title deter you. Organizations are living systems, and human dynamics are remarkably consistent, regardless of industry.

If you want a book that tells you how to change other people, this isn’t the book for you. Fifteen years of coaching executives and leaders have convinced me that the work is not about quick fixes or “outside” answers.

It’s about uncovering and pursuing what matters most to us and those we serve. It’s about exploring our own thinking in ways that reveal how we shape and are shaped by the networks within which we live and work, and how we may unwittingly contribute to the challenges we encounter.

Using models, stories, and an array of coaching exercises, my goal is to help you transform your natural strengths into an expanding capacity to adapt, thrive, and get great results through others in complex, rapidly changing, and unpredictable times.

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