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Mindful landings

What’s the last of the Top 10 Mistakes in Behavior Change? Assuming that behavior change is difficult.

What’s the tech lab’s last great suggestion? Behavior change is not so hard when you have the right process.

What’s my last hurrah? It’s also not so hard when you have the right state of mind.

What time frame are you operating from? The past? the future? or now?

What mental frame are you operating from? Negative? positive? or open and curious?

What assumptions are you operating from? That change is difficult? easy? or a natural part of the flow of things?

I was in a “Life Is Good” shop in South Carolina recently and noticed that above the tee shirt displays were words of wisdom painted in large letters around the room. One said, “When you slow down, you see all kinds of interesting things.” It was attributed to Matt, age 5.

We can all take a hint from a 5-year-old. Slow down, open up, and pay attention to where our mind is landing. Chances are, being more mindful will bring us more choices.